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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

And finally, how does #ReiserFS impact #PostgreSQL performance?

In the last of the filesystem series, Tomas Vondra takes a look at ReiserFS. PostgreSQL performance on reiserfs

And what about #PostgreSQL performances on #BTRFS?

BTRFS is supposedly the next best thing when it comes to performance but does it measure up against other filesystems?

Does #PostgreSQL perform better on #XFS or #EXT4?

In the first part of his filesystem series, Tomas Vondra explores the performances of PostgreSQL on XFS and EXT4 filsesystems. The results might surprise you...
PostgreSQL performance on ext4 and xfs

Monday, September 14, 2015

A little reminder of why #statistics matter, and how to #tune your #PostgreSQL instance.

Thomas Vondra writes a good recap of why statistics matter in tuning a PostgreSQL instance: "That however does not mean there are no issues with data distribution (planner) statistics, and as that's one of my areas of interest, in this post I'll discuss the usual issues with data distribution statistics, usually observed by the user as slow (or even failing) queries. And I'll also mention what are the possible remedies available (if any)." Common issues with planner statistics