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Thursday, March 10, 2016

#EDB PPAS 9.5 / #PostgreSQL 9.5 event @icab

Introducing the ‘Transform your Database Tour’
Open source is the new Data Center standard
Are you facing the challenge to meet growing IT requirements while operating on a limited budget? Learn more about why you should transform your database management system (DBMS) and make open source part of your strategic business and IT choices at the ‘Transform your Database Tour’ on April 20 in Brussels.
An open source DBMS offers you various benefits, including cost reduction, liberation from vendor lock-in, and a large development community. Paired with enterprise-class services, 24x7 support and reliable management tools, open source is a viable alternative to traditional proprietary DBMSs.
Opendb Team has 8 years of experience in the open source database market and will explain why an open source database should be part of your business and IT strategy. One of its customers will then discuss their DBMS transformation.
After these interactive presentations, you can share your own experience, and discuss the challenges your organization may face with the implementation of a new DMBS strategy. At the end of the day you will leave with considerable new knowledge about open source databases, and new insights about the opportunities to apply this knowledge in your own IT environment.

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