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Thursday, March 31, 2016

#postgresql #pgBadger released - Sortie de pgBadger 8 -

pgBadger is a PostgreSQL log analyzer built for speed with fully reports from your PostgreSQL log file. It's a single and small Perl script Perl script that outperforms any other PostgreSQL log analyzer. It is written in pure Perl and uses a javascript library (flotr2) to draw graphs so that you don't need to install any additional Perl modules or other packages. Furthermore, this library gives us more features such as zooming. pgBadger also uses the Bootstrap javascript library and the FontAwesome webfont for better design. Everything is embedded. This is a major release that adds support to pgbouncer log files.

New pgbouncer reports are:

  • Request Throughput
  • Bytes I/O Throughput
  • Queries Average duration
  • Simultaneous sessions
  • Histogram of sessions times
  • Sessions per database
  • Sessions per user
  • Sessions per host
  • Established connections
  • Connections per database
  • Connections per user
  • Connections per host
  • Most used reserved pools
  • Most Frequent Errors/Events

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