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Monday, July 25, 2016

#PostgreSQL #9.6#Beta3 is out!

The new Beta version of PostgreSQL 9.6 is out.
New fixes and improvements include:

parallel query:

* adding support for TABLESAMPLE
* correcting cost data in Gather nodes
* check parallel-safety of all appended relations
* fix planner issues with initPlans
* fix several issues with client_encoding
* clean up EXPLAIN output for parallel queries
* multiple changes to parallel aggregation internals

Among the other issues addressed were:

* add conninfo field to pg_stat_wal_receiver
* clear all-frozen visibilitymap status
when locking tuples
* correctly dump database and tablespace ACLs
* avoid invalidating all foreign-join cached plans
when user mappings change
* fix nested NOT operation cleanup in tsquery
* allow IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA within pl/pgsql
* print a given subplan only once in EXPLAIN
* change the GetForeignUpperPaths API
* fix several issues in postgres_fdw
* added many additional regression tests
* many documentation updates and clarifications
* multiple translation updates for the docs

The final release is expected for late 2016.