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Thursday, August 11, 2016

#pgBadger 8.2 was released today #postgresql #postgres

pgBadger is a PostgreSQL performance analyzer, built for speed with 
fully detailed reports based on your PostgreSQL log files. 

pgBadger 8.2 was released today, this is a maintenance release that 
fix some minor bugs. There is also some performances improvement, up 
to 20% on huge files and some new interesting features: 

* Multiprocessing can be used with pgbouncer log files. 
* pgBouncer and PostgreSQL log files can be used together in 
incremental mode. 
* With default or same prefix, stderr and syslog file can be 
parsed together, csvlog format can always be used. 
* Use a modal dialog window to download graphs as png images. 
* Add pl/pgSQL function information to queries when available. 

Here are the complete list of changes: 

- Fix report of database system messages. 
- Fix multi line statement concatenation after an error. 
- Fix box size for report of queries generating the most 
temporary files and the most waiting queries. 
- Rewrite code to better handle multi-line queries. 
- Fix garbage in examples of event queries with error only mode 
(option -w). Thanks to Thomas Reiss for the report. 
- Fix getting dataset related to query duration with the use of 
auto_explain. Thanks to tom__b for the patch. 
- Use a modal dialog window to download graphs as png images. 
- Huge rewrite of the incremental mechanism applied to log files 
to handle PostgreSQL and pgbouncer logs at the same time. 
- Multiprocess can be used with pgbouncer log. 
- Add code to remove remaining keyword placeholders tags. 
- Fix an other possible case of truncated date in LAST_PARSED file 
Thanks to brafaeloliveira for the report. 
- Set default scale 1 in pretty_print_number() js function. 
- Fix auto-detection of pgbouncer files that contain only stats 
lines. Thanks to Glyn Astill for the patch. 
- Add date to samples of queries generating most temporary files. 
- Do not display warning message of empty log when quiet mode is 
- Fix reading from stdin by disabling pgbouncer format detection. 
Thanks to Robert Vargason for the patch. 
- Fix case of duplicate normalized error message with "nonstandard 
use of ...". 
- Fix storage of current temporary file related request. 
- Use the mnemonic rather than a signal number in kill calls. 

Thanks to Komeda Shinji for the patch. 

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