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Monday, September 5, 2016

#pgBadger v9.0 released #postgresql

pgBadger is a PostgreSQL performance analyzer, built for speed with
fully detailed reports based on your PostgreSQL log files.

pgBadger 9.0 was released today, this major release of pgBadger is
a port to bootstrap 3 and a version upgrade of all resources files
(CSS and Javascript). There's also some bugs fixes and features

Backward compatibility with old incremental report might be preserved.

Here are the complete list of changes:

  - Sources and licences of resources files are now on a dedicated
    subdirectory. A script to update their minified version embedded
    in pgbager script has been added. Thanks to Christoph Berg for
    the help and feature request.

  - Try to detect user/database/host from connection strings if
    log_connection is enabled and log_line_prefix doesn't include

    Extend the regex to autodetect database name, user name, client
    ip address and application name. The regex now are the following:

        db => qr/(?:db|database)=([^,]*)/;
        user => qr/(?:user|usr)=([^,]*)/;
        client => qr/(?:client|remote|ip|host)=([^,]*)/;
        appname => qr/(?:app|application)=([^,]*)/;

  - Add backward compatibility with older version of pgbadger in
    incremental mode by creating a subdirectory for new CSS and
    Javascript files. This subdirectory is named with the major
    version number of pgbadger.

  - Increase the size of the pgbadger logo that appears too small
    with the new font size.

  - Normalize detailed information in all reports.

  - Fix duplicate copy icon in locks report.

  - Fix missing chart on histogram of session time. Thanks to
    Guillaume Lelarge for the report.

  - Add LICENSE file noting the licenses used by the resource
    files. Thanks to Christoph Berg for the patch.

  - Add patch to jqplot library to fix an infinite loop when trying
    to download some charts. Thanks to Julien Tachoires for the help
    to solve this issue.

  - Script tools/ will apply the patch to resource
    file resources/jquery.jqplot.js and doesn't complain if it has
    already been applied.

  - Remove single last comma at end of pie chart dataset. Thanks to
    Julien Tachoires for the report.

  - Change display of normalized error

  - Remove unused or auto-generated files

  - Update all resources files (js+css) and create a directory to
    include source of javascript libraries used in pgbadger. There is
    also a new script tools/ the can be used to
    generate the minified version of those files and embedded them
    into pgbadger.  This script will also embedded the FontAwesome.otf
    open truetype font into the fontawesome.css file.

Previous release, v8.3, was maintenance release that fix some minor
bugs and adds replication command messages statistics to the Events

   - Fix auto-detection of stderr format with timestamp as epoch (%n).

   - Fix histogram over multiples days to be cumulative per hour, not
     an average of the number of event per day.

   - Fix parsing of remote file that was failing when the file does
     not exists locally. Thanks to clomdd for the report.

   - Detect timezones like GMT+3 on CSV logs. Thanks to jacksonfoz
     for the patch.

   - Add replication command messages statistics to the Events
     reports. Thanks to Michael Paquier for the feature request.

**About pgBadger** :

pgBagder is a new generation log analyzer for PostgreSQL, created by
Gilles Darold (also author of ora2pg, the powerful migration tool).
pgBadger is a fast and easy tool to analyze your SQL traffic and create
HTML5 reports with dynamics graphs. pgBadger is the perfect tool to
understand the behavior of your PostgreSQL servers and identify which
SQL queries need to be optimized.


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