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Monday, November 21, 2016

#Ora2Pg #17.6 #released

Version 17.6 of Ora2Pg, a free and reliable tool used to migrate an
Oracle database to PostgreSQL, has been officially released and is
publicly available for download.

This release adds several new features:

  * Adds export of Oracle Text Indexes into FTS (CONTEXT) or pg_trgm
    (CTXCAT) based indexes.
  * Add export of indexes defined on materialized views.
  * Allow export of materialized views as foreign tables when export
    type is FDW.
  * Add replacement of trim() by btrim().

Two new configuration directives have been added:

  * USE_INDEX_OPCLASS: when value is set to 1, this will force Ora2Pg
    to export all indexes defined on varchar2() and char() columns
    using *_pattern_ops operators. If you set it to a value greater
    than 1 it will only change indexes on columns where the character
    limit is greater or equal than this value.

  * CONTEXT_AS_TRGM: when enabled force Ora2Pg to translate all Oracle
    Text indexes (CONTEXT and CTXCAT) into PostgreSQL indexes using
    the pg_trgm extension. Default is to translate CONTEXT indexes
    into FTS indexes and CTXCAT indexes using pg_trgm. Some time using
    pg_trgm based indexes is enough.

As usual these also some bug fixes and Oracle to PostgreSQl conversion
adjustments, see
for a complete list.

Thanks to all contributors, they are all cited in the changelog file.

Useful Links:

    - Website:
    - Download:
    - Development:
    - Changelog:
    - Documentation:

About Ora2Pg :

Ora2Pg is an easy and reliable tool to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL.
It is developed since 2001 and can export most of the Oracle objects
(table, view, materialized view, tablespace, sequence, indexes, trigger,
grant, function, procedure, package, partition, data, blob and external

Ora2Pg works on any platform and is available under the GPL v3 licence.

Docs, Download & Support at

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