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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

#postgresql #pgbadger 9.1 is out !

pgBadger is a PostgreSQL performance analyzer, built for speed with 
fully detailed reports based on your PostgreSQL log files. 

pgBadger 9.1 was released today, this is a maintenance release that 
fix some minor bugs. There is also a new report on error class 
distribution and some feature enhancements: 

* Add report of error class distribution when SQLState is available 
in the log_line_prefix (see %e placeholder). 
* Update SQL Beautifier to pgFormatter v1.6 code. 
* Improve error message normalization. 
* Add --normalized-only option to generate a text file containing all 
normalized queries found in a log with count. 
* Allow %c (session id) to replace %p (pid) as unique session id. 
* Add waiting for lock messages to event reports. 
* Add --start-monday option to start calendar weeks in Monday 
instead of default to Sunday

Here are the complete list of changes: 

- Add report of error class distribution when SQLState is available 
in the log line prefix. Thanks to jacks33 for the feature request. 
- Fix incremental global index on resize. Thanks to clomdd for the 
- Fix command tag log_line_prefix placeholder %i to allow space 
- Fix --exclude-line options and removing of obsolete directory 
when retention is enabled and --noreport is used. 
- Fix typo in "vacuum activity table". Thanks to Nicolas Gollet for 
the patch. 
- Fix autovacuum report. Thanks to Nicolas Gollet for the patch. 
- Fix author of pgbadger's logo - Damien Cazeils and English in 
comments. Thanks to Thibaut Madelaine for the patch. 
- Add information about pgbouncer log format in the -f option. 
Thanks to clomdd for the report. 
- Add --normalized-only information in documentation. 
- Fix broken report of date-time introduced in previous patch. 
- Fix duration/query association when log_duration=on and 
log_statement=all. Thanks to Eric Jensen for the report. 
- Fix normalization of messages about advisory lock. Thanks to 
Thibaut Madelaine for the report. 
- Fix report of auto_explain output. Thanks to fch77700 for the 
- Fix unwanted log format auto detection with log entry from stdin. 
Thanks to Jesus Adolfo Parra for the report. 
- Add left open parentheses to the "stop" chars of regex to look 
for db client in the prefix to handle the PostgreSQL client 
string format that includes source port. Thanks to Jon Nelson 
for the patch. 
- Fix some spelling errors. Thanks to Jon Nelson for the patch. 
- Allow %c (session id) to replace %p (pid) as unique session id. 
Thanks to Jerryliuk for the report. 
- Allow pgBadger to parse default log_line_prefix that will be 
probably used in 10.0: '%m [%p] ' 
- Fix missing first line with interpreter call. 
- Fix missing Avg values in CSV report. Thanks to Yosuke Tomita 
for the report. 
- Fix error message in autodetect_format() method. 
- Add --start-monday option to start calendar weeks in Monday 
instead of default to Sunday. Thanks to Joosep Mae for the feature 
- Fix --histo-average option. Thanks to Yves Martin for the report. 
- Remove plural form of --ssh-option in documentation. Thanks to 
mark-a-s for the report. 
- Fix --exclude-time filter and rewrite code to skip unwanted line 
as well code to update the progress bar. Thanks to Michael 
Chesterton for the report. 
- Fix support to %r placeholder in prefix instead of %h. 

===== Links & Credits ===== 

DALIBO would like to thank the developers who submitted patches and the 
users who reported bugs and feature requests. 

pgBadger is an open project. Any contribution to build a better tool is 
welcome. You just have to send your ideas, features requests or patches 
using the GitHub tools or directly on our mailing list. 

Links : 

* Mailing List : 

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